Stanes is a wholesale food brand for bakers, restaurants and anybody associated with catering food to a large audience. They are the backend suppliers to most of the major brands associated with food in this part of the world. It even includes national brands like Vivanta by Taj. The primary differentiator for any wholesale brand is its competitive pricing and it is no different with Stanes. But our attempt was to create a highly professional wholesale brand into the future. We started off from scratch.

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Identity Design

The basic idea for the core brand identity of Stanes began with the thinking that it must be immediately identified as a Food Brand. We believed if this wholesale brand looked liked a retail food brand we could achieve our objectives as the brand had plans for the future to cater directly to end-customers, highlighting its price point. We finalised on a fluid design for the logo as it had the characteristics of being delicious and juicy. Brown was decided to be the brand colour as their product list was skewed towards baking cake. We decided that logo must be the most important element for this brand communication and the rest of the brand elements will be used as just support elements.

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