Spiroids is a holding company for different startup ideas and brands in the online and digital technology space. To put it in an interesting manner, it is a startup corporate for startups. The first foray of the company is into the real estate sector to connect services in estate and construction with people looking for those services using an online platform. The project is about creating a new market with multiple sides to it.

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Identity Design

A lot of time was spent in planning the design than creating it. We decided that the foundation of building a holding company brand must rest on simplicity and power. So, we planned to make it as simple as possible to touch base with the most elementary thoughts in design. We went with blue because the client’s playground was the digital space in India with their products touching many regional markets at the grassroots level. Hence we played with different shades of blue. The blue lines that is expected to be an iconic representation of the brand is always in two types of motion - forward and circular motions. We chose a simple Sans Serif type that would hook the eye, at some of its curves and joints, to make the identity recall easy and fast. We were very careful not to add more weight than necessary unlike the design practice in India for holding company brands. We balanced the identity with the right visual spaces and perfectly equal weights for different units.

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