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Small is a design start-up in the home space. One day, two talented housewives walked into our office to discuss what they were doing in design for friends and family. And how they could take it to the next level. Neither these designers nor One Idea thought that this discussion would bloom into a branding project. Their designs were based on personal understanding of the client’s family they were commissioned for. Their designs understood and took into consideration the occasion and the moment in which their products were used. For them, detail was not just detail; it was about understanding the people involved. Getting into the very personal space to define who you are is not an easy job in design. And they loved to touch the smallest of detail on everything. Thus, we accidentally discovered an idea and an attitude called Small.

One Idea | Small | Illusion
One Idea | Small | Pattern
One Idea | Small | Logo
One Idea | Small | Logo
One Idea | Small | Detail
One Idea | Small | Cloth
One Idea | Small | Pattern
One Idea | Small | Bag
One Idea | Small | Book mark
One Idea | Small | Pattern
One Idea | Small | Stationary
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