News and updates

  • New Client | Dec 15, 2019

    Merraky, Bengaluru

    Merak is a beautiful little Serbian word that refers to a feeling of bliss and the sense of oneness with the universe. It is the pursuit of small, daily pleasures that all add up to a great sense of happiness and fulfilment. We were mandated to create the Merak feeling in Merraky. We continue to work on that magic.
  • New Client | Nov 25, 2019

    ELF, UK

    Empowering Lives Foundation (ELF) is an NGO based in the UK. They came to us for a visual identity that would convey their purpose of existence. Members call themselves elves. Christmas elves are often depicted as green or red clad with large, pointy ears and pointy hats. We continue to work with them.
  • New Client | Nov 12, 2019

    PS Group, Kollam

    A family in Kollam that wanted to start a revolution in primary education. We have been given the responsibility to think through the business strategy and also provide the visual identity, the brand and all that it takes to create just that.
  • New Client | Nov 08, 2019

    Krenium, Dubai

    Probably for the first time in the Middle East, a Dubai-based firm will offer Implicit Testing as a service to MR firms or FMCG companies in Asia/Africa. Krenium sounds like Cranium for a reason. We were employed to create a brand that would appeal to an elevated target audience.
  • New Client | July 02, 2018

    Arc Festivals

    A tight deadline. And they needed everything to be out there in the market. Sponsors, teams, permissions, bank account, the works. It was a feast for the eyes to watch confident young women, in bright clothing, diving around. Glad and satisfied we could launch India's first under-16 girls championship and all the brand communication that was required to make it a success.
  • New Client | June 21, 2018

    Navagraha Print and Pack Co

    We are absolutely pleased to welcome this Mumbai-based high tech printing company into our fold. We would be first looking to add value to their decade-long brand identity and then work towards both online and offline requirements.
  • New Client | Nov 19, 2017

    Sixth Factor, Dubai

    Sixth Factor is a client based in Dubai. They are into the deep end of consumer behaviour research. We were tasked to manage their brand - just that they are extremely sensitive to images, text and design. For they know what works. We argue less as there is a lot of learning to be had. We continue to learn.
  • New Client | Nov 18, 2017

    Paithrika Homes, Trivandrum

    It was an advance media buy a few months ago that brought the client to us. A jacket ad in a leading newspaper was not an opportunity you stumble upon every day. The ad had a lot riding on it for the client and so we had to give all that we had in the tank. We did.
  • New Client | Nov 11, 2017

    Lalas Convention Centre, Kollam

    Slated to be the largest convention centre in South Kerala, we were given the opportunity to create its visual identity. It's still one of its kind in Kollam and so they hardly have to market themselves except when they did their launch.
  • New Client | May 21, 2017

    Elements Constructions, Trivandrum

    Contractor and brands? We were faced with someone whose idea to brand a very generic, unorganized business for a client who isn't looking for one. What he said made sense to us and we reciprocated by Building Sense. We are excited to be on this trip.
  • New Client | Apr 21, 2017

    Ayurmana, Trivandrum

    One of the leading Ayurveda practioners in South Kerala, the client apprached us to create design template for two of their social media campaigns. We were to work on the themes - Different ayurvedic treatments for specific diseases and their benefits and Testimonials.
  • New Client | Oct 16, 2016

    Amset, Trivandrum

    Amset was an established player in the market. They had their own challenges with three stores and numerous types of clientele and expectations. How can the Amset brand talk to all of them and still communicate the same feeling? The challenge had to be met with strategic insights that would take them across the line.
  • New Client | Aug 14, 2016

    Small, Trivandrum

    A design start-up in the home space. our challenge was to take their designs for friends and family to the next level. Their designs were based on personal understanding of the client. They loved to touch the smallest of detail on everything. Thus, we accidentally discovered an idea and an attitude called Small. We love doing their work.
    • New Client | Feb 27, 2016

      Turtle on the Beach, Trivandrum

      A five star property in Kovalam decided that it needed help with its marketing strategy and branding. This was a large retainer client wherein we not only were involved in their strategy and online and offline execution but also helped them develop their new website.
    • New Client | Feb 22, 2016

      Kanai Builders, Trivandrum

      A builder with a genuine heart is very rare. Here was this firm which has its own unique way of taking care of its employees. We were pleased to develop their identity as well as launch their website.
    • New Client | Feb 21, 2016

      Estuary Island Resorts, Trivandrum

      A five star property in Poovar decided that it needed help with its marketing strategy and branding. This was a large retainer client wherein we not only were involved in their strategy and online and offline execution but also helped them develop their new website.
    • New Client | Jan 21, 2016

      Bloom Bloom, Trivandrum

      This was a start-up for creating start-ups. Nomenclature to visual identity to strategic direction were all part of the deal. While Bloom is the parent company, B-HUB is the more familiar face - a revolutionary platform, envisaged as the future of learning and future of work.
    • New Client | Dec 10, 2015

      CREDAI, Trivandrum

      We were called in as a consultant for the CREDAI home expo in 2015. Our role was an advisory one till the incumbent agency fell out with the organisation. We were called to launch this event at very short notice.
    • New Client | Jul 20, 2015

      In Between, Trivandrum

      This was a cute little café that was coming up in between two big junctions. Not only did we name it " In Between", we also helped it launch the café.
    • New Client | Mar 20, 2015

      Stanes, Trivandrum

      We helped launch the leading wholesaler Stanes into the retailing business. Stanes is the leading supplier of raw materials for hotels, caterers, bakeries & more. Apart from helping Stanes get a makeover from a wholesaler to a retailer, we also ran a media campaign for 12 weeks to buttress their #1 position.
    • New Client | Jul 21, 2014

      Renee Media Group, Dubai

      This young and incredibly fast growing Dubai-based company uses technology for providing customised solutions in media planning and strategy. We were short-listed to do design and develop their website.
    • New Client | Jul 17, 2014

      Powerlink Builders, Trivandrum

      There were some ownership changes at this leading CREDAI builder. That's when they decided to usher in a change in the way the world perceived them. We were given the mandate to do just that. And our first large engagement.